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Stationary-Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps
Engineered for compactness, economy and dependability–Ingersoll-Rand’s Vacuum pumps are the number one choice for demanding applications, providing top operating efficiency combined with low maintenance. And best of all, these vacuum pumps are backed by Ingersoll-Rand, the world’s leader in air compressor and pump manufacturing

  • Cast Iron Construction
    Cylinders and frame are designed with 100% cast iron for durability and long life
  • Cylinders
    Separately cast cylinders with deep fins allow for 360° cooling, removing the heat of compression. Individual bolting of the cylinders to the frame for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Low Oil Level Protection
    The low oil level switch protects the pump from operating without proper lubrication.
  • Piston Rings
    Each piston is equipped with (2) compression rings and (2) oil control rings to maintain maximum operating efficiency and low oil carryover.
  • Valves
    Stainless steel valves are readily accessible and inexpensively replaced if necessary.
  • Connecting Rods
    One piece design permits precision aligned machining of both crankpin and piston pin bearings resulting in longer bearing life. Also allows for simple maintenance—no bolts to come loose or adjust