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Rotary Screw -SSR Series 50-100 HP

SSR Series 50-100 HP
Looking for a rugged and reliable air compressor? The Ingersoll-Rand SSR is for you. With our integral gear drive system, 8000 hour coolant, and leak-free design, the SSR is a machine that you can count on for many years to come.

Superior Drivetrain Design
At the heart of the SSR is our time-proven integral gear drive arrangement. Used on thousands of compressors worldwide, this drive system is known for trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.

Higher Ambient Rating
The SSR operates easily in ambient temperatures up to 115° F (46° C), even the motor. This means fewer nuisance shutdowns due to summer heat or dirty coolers.

SSR UltraCoolant
Specifically designed for rotary air compressors, UltraCoolant minimizes maintenance costs by maximizing the time between coolant changes: 8,000 hours, or two years.

Supreme Serviceability
Remove just one of the enclosure panels and you have access to all of the compressor’s normal maintenance items including the coolant level, coolant filter, and air filter. Also, the side and rear panels are interchangeable which allows for flexibility during installation.