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Stationary-Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas
For over twenty-five years, Ingersoll Rand has been the leader in gas compression for the NGV market.

  • Natural Gas Compressors For NGV Refueling

    These rugged pre-packaged modular compressor systems are available in sizes ranging from 28 scfm up to 116 scfm. Designed for heavy use, Ingersoll-Rand gas compressors provide the quality and performance that are ideal for most NGV applications and users, including: school bus and municipal fleets, forklift applications, utilities and public refueling. The Ingersoll Rand design works well in time fill, buffer fill or fast fill applications.

  • NGV Refueling Solutions

    Economically priced, Ingersoll-Rand CNG packages have been engineered to provide reliable NGV refueling service for private fleets, industrial forklifts and public refueling. From inlet to outlet Ingersoll Rand is the only Fortune 500 Company that designs, manufacturers and warrants a complete CNG package. Replacement parts are just a phone call away